Kevin Peterson, D.D.S.

kevin peterson dentistOriginally from Idaho, Dr. Peterson comes from a long line of family involved with dentistry. Peterson’s father and brother are both dentists, as are two of Dr. Peterson’s brother-in-laws! Kevin lived in Cost Rica for a couple of years and is fluent in Spanish. A graduated from Ohio State University Dental School in 2006, Dr. Kevin Peterson has been at Lone Mountain Family Dentistry for 10 years, was partner with Dr. Kleintjes for several years, and has taken over the practice since Dr. Kleintjes’ retirement, two years ago. Dr. Peterson and his wife have two children and love living in Northern Nevada! Peterson loves the outdoors, hiking, trail running, tennis, and the Nevada sunshine.

“Dentistry has always been more than a family business for me. I get to work with people and help craft and maintain healthy happy smiles.” – Kevin Peterson, D.D.S.